Hanson's Water is offering our very best reverse osmosis system.

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The SQC 3 reverse osmosis system from Hanson's provides water that is 99.9% pure of water born contaminants.

Quit buying bottled water when you can bottled water quality water at your tap.

The SQC 3 uses a two stage pre-filter to reduce particulates and chlorine taste and odor. The water passes through another carbon filter to further improve taste and odor. Finally the water passes through a micro-porous membrane that filters out 99.9% of remaining contaminants including harmful bacteria.

Hansons Reverse Osmosis SQC-3

Hanson's Reverse Osmosis SQC-3

Earn Bonus Bucks

Earn Bonus Bucks

Hanson's appreciates all of our customers and to reward you we are offering bonus referral bucks.

$50.00 for every softener referral that results in a sale.

$25.00 for every reverse osmosis referral that results in a sale.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can earn bonus bucks for.

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